Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite

DIAGNOSTIC thermal imager elite

eye eye

Visible is in

Sometimes seeing is even better than believing.

Using infrared technology to reveal heat caused by friction, electrical resistance, pressure changes and more, the new Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite from Snap-on® lets you track down vehicle faults and find the right fix faster than ever — without having to hope or guess that the code you read was the right one after all.

The new Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite: now you're really seeing things.



The Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite delivers detailed images composed of 4,800 distinct temperature zones, making extreme temperatures up to 840°F visible with absolute precision anywhere under the hood or around the car.

And it comes fully loaded with a database full of automotive applications, guided tests and reference images to help you interpret results, putting a more accurate diagnosis — and more productivity — in clear view on every job.


Point. Shoot. Fix.

Grab the Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite by the ergonomic handle and point it at the part of vehicle you're looking to diagnose.

Pull the pistol-grip trigger to take a picture or video of the part of the vehicle you're looking to fix.

Use the side-by-side and picture-in-picture technology, guided tests, and reference images in the onboard automotive database to diagnose the issue and make your repair.


See for yourself

The Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite makes taking and storing your own images and video easy and intuitive — to help get you to the right diagnosis and the right repair, right away.


Point. shoot.
fix. save.

When connected to Wi-Fi, every image you capture with the Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite is automatically uploaded to the new so you can access them from your phone or computer whenever you need them. All to make your next diagnosis — and your next repair — faster and more accurate than your last.



When you choose a Snap-on® diagnostic tool, you gain a long-term partner. Experienced Snap-on Customer Care Representatives are available to support you on our Customer Care Hotline at 800-424-7226. Se habla Español. Contact your Snap-on Franchisee or other sales representative to learn how you can see more — more efficiently — and get more done every day.

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